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Seattle, WA

53 is a collective of designers and developers that creates graphic application software and tools. 53’s Paper was named best app of the year (2012) by Apple for the iPad and received many other accolades. Soon after the group needed a bigger space to expand their business in Seattle.

Chris Serra, principal at BjarkoSerra, worked closely with a core team of 53 designers to bring their vision and identity to the new space, a large loft in one of Pioneer Square’s historic buildings. The rustic beauty of the old brick walls and the rough hewn wooden beam & column structure is left exposed while infusing simple modern and sophisticated elements in contrast. Mechanical and Electrical systems are designed as minimally as possible, large equipment is concealed inside a perimeter soffit, supply and return ducts are minimized. 53 coordinated furnishings design with the overall concept to form a unified whole. The project included 4800 sf of office and development space with 2 conference rooms, 2 stand alone workrooms with audio visual capabilities, group design review areas, kitchen/dining, storage and shop space.